Beyond Fit

Beyond Fit is a dynamic mixed-modal fitness program that seamlessly integrates high-intensity elements with a foundation rooted in traditional strength and conditioning principles. This program is tailored for individuals seeking an invigorating workout experience. Individuals must have access to dumbbells, barbells, and one cardio piece of equipment (bike or rower).

Plan Includes

  • This plan includes 5 days of programming with 2 rest days.

How it works

  • Beyond Dumbbells is a monthly subscription designed to help you stay on track and reach your goals. This plan is a monthly subscription.
  • Remember that our programs are designed for Monday - Saturday when choosing your start day. If you start on a Sunday, there may not be a workout for that particular day. However, once you have begun, you can always go back and complete missed days or hop forward.
  • Complete your profile, add pictures and link your wearables!
  • Message us in the app with any questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours!



Free for first 3 days

After completing your 3 days, your subscription will continue at $39 per month.

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