Dani and Cali

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We believe in the empowerment of women and that strength training as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.


With over a decade of experience coaching and a background in psychology, Dani has been able to help thousands of individuals become better versions of themselves. Dani has worked with many women, including all divisions of college athletics, youth, and adults. She has experience competing in weightlifting and playing college softball. Dani has spent the last 12 years of her life perfecting her coaching and ability to help women wherever they are in their life.


Having a background in competitive gymnastics for over 15 years, Cali sought out a new way to challenge her athletic skills and strength. She began CrossFit and a hybrid mix of traditional strength training. Her love for health and fitness propelled her to get a her personal training certification in 2019 and made coaching a full time career since.

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Dani and Cali